Child Protection

Carefully read the following information and advice.

Tell your parents if you create an account on Azannews. It is important to have their agreement, and to explain to them how you plan on using the site.
Never give your personal information to other users.
Better manage your contacts on Azannews.
Don’t hesitate to send us any content or shocking behavior by using our email or postal address.
Some tips for parents and teachers:

Azannews provides all the tools necessary to ensure a safe experience for its users, particularly minors. On Azannews, and on the Internet in general, it’s important to be prudent just as it is in daily life.

We encourage parents to talk with their children about how they use Azannews, especially concerning the videos they watch, andd share with others. It is also important to make them aware of the various tools available to protect their personal information, to manage their contacts and communications on the site, and to immediately report any inappropriate content. You can refer to the advice given above aimed at younger users.

Our Support team, available 24/7 through the contact, treats all reported content quickly, and we also work closely with the relevant authorities. Azannews cooperates with bodies of child protection mentioned above, all of which have a dedicated space on the site.

It is important to remind young users they must always respect the terms of use, be aware of and adhere to law of intellectual property law, image rights and respect for privacy in general, whether in uploading video or posting comments.